HEI Virtual Server Packages

Packages Monthly Server Memory/Storage Internet Data
Standard Server $29.99 256MB/1GB Call - Custom Pricing Packages
Deluxe Server $49.99 512MB/2GB Call - Custom Pricing Packages
Premium Server $64.99 1GB/4GB Call - Custom Pricing Packages
Setup fee - $49.99. Fee waived with 12 month pre-pay.
Virtual Servers

Virtual Servers are like mini real servers that are available for various hosting options. These special server options allow for the individual management of a “server” through the use of the specialized interface which is made possible through several different technological advances.

Virtual server hosting plans allow an individual or company to install whatever services they need on the “server” making it customizable in many different ways.

Since many of these servers are hosted on a single server, their costs are made to be lower through the hosting company. This makes the use of virtual servers a much more economical choice than purchasing a completely different server for use in special projects and more.