HEI Server Co-Location Packages

Rack Server Form Factor Monthly Internet Data
1U Rack Server $95.00 Call - Custom Pricing Packages
2U Rack Server $190.00 Call - Custom Pricing Packages
4U Rack Server $380.00 Call - Custom Pricing Packages
Setup fee - $69.99 Fee waived with 12 month pre-pay.
Our Data Center

HEI Communications, Inc. provides more than just a secure space. We can cross-connect customers to over 5 carriers within a fews days.

Our colos, in and around the area, will allow your business immediate and multiple entrance to a high-performance Internet data highway.

Our new Portland, OR data center also offers a wide range of carriers.

We offer bandwidth from Integra Telcomm and various other Internet providers at very competitive prices. Or, choose the provider of your choice.

Rack Server Form Factor

T-1's, E-1's, DS-3's to our colo are in place and immediately available. More importantly, we have enough well-trained technicians on duty to keep your circuits running smoothly and reliably.

Learn more about what HEI Communications, Inc. can do for your business. Call us now at 877.900.9063.