Banner Advertising
-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Promote Your Products/Services on HEI Net's Web Site HEI Communications is the Northwest's Newest and Fastest Growing Internet Service Provider. Placing your banner ad on our home is good use of your marketing dollars. Let us put this exposure to work for your organization. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Do Banner Ads Work?
A new survey, conducted by WWP Group's Millward Brown International, finds that the banner ads now ubiquitous to most Web sites are actually working, and that they're responsible for 96% of what a consumer remembers about an advertiser online. Twelve people out of 100 were likely to recall seeing a Web ad after viewing it just once, vs. only 10 people who were likely to remember a TV commercial after one viewing. The June survey polled 17,000 respondents who frequented 12 Web sites. (Wall Street Journal 25 Sep 97)
How do I make a banner?
You can make it or our Web designers can make it for you. Just ask for a quote. Banners are 468 x 60 pixels using 256 colors and can be fixed or animated. Less than 10 kilobytes in file size is best for quick file downloads. Sponsorship Buttons are 120 pixels by 60 pixels in dimension and can be fixed or animated. Less than 4 kilobytes in size is the best.
Banner rates
$100 per month on our front page. $50 per month on all other pages. $75 per month to rotate on all pages. 3 months pre-payment required. Extensive exposure! Only 5 banners will rotate on our home page. Up to 10 banners will rotate on any sub-page.